The story

High craftsmanship workshop

"So much design history has passed through here, and so much exceptional work has been done, and continues to be done, by this leading name in top-flight industrial craftsmanship!”

- Alessandro Mendini With these words,the famous Alessandro Mendini, creator of the iconic Proust armchair, underlined and described the contribution of LISAR in the expression of the artistic spirit of architects and designers.

Knowledge and technique


For almost half-century, LISAR has been producing tailor-made ideas of great Italian and international architects and designers, managing to give to their creativity freedom and to best represent their projects.

With a deep knowledge of Italian design and production techniques, we are able to manage and build a project starting from an initial idea, a concept, and then transform it into a real customized product.


Between tradition and innovation

Our main value is to preserve, pass on and use the ancient craft traditions, blending them with cutting-edge production techniques.

Sought after all over the world, Italian craftsmanship represents all the beauty of design, our works and our culture.

With a half-century experience, we are able to transmit it in our works with a touch of innovation.

 The idea of ​​creating a unique not standardized project is what differentiates LISAR work and what makes us appreciated in the world of contract.

Our working method focuses on the human aspect: hands that draw, cut, assemble and create unique design pieces, full of skill and passion.

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