Lisar S.p.a. foundation

Mario Fabris with two partners founded in Carbonate, near Como, La Italiana Società Arredamenti, known today as LISAR S.p.A.


Lisar in the wood industry

The ability and talent of the three partners allowed the company to develop in the woodworking industry in a short period of time; LISAR soonly becomes one of the indisputed leaders in the panorama of turnkey projects.


Entrance into retail contract

LISAR begins to establish itself more and more in the world of contract retail, creating boutiques for renowned brands such as Versace, Canali, Gucci and others.


LISAR launches Mast Elements, a carbon fiber furniture line produced in-house in the carbon fiber processing plant.


'Platinum' magazine

Platinum - Companies and protagonists of Italian entrepreneurship, writes an article on LISAR talking about the innovation and quality that it has managed to achieve in the made in Italy contract sector.



The LISAR USA Corp. branch arrives in New York, to have a more direct contact with the country and respond to the growing demands of the American market.


Le Fonti Awards

– LISAR wins Le Fonti Awards as “Best Company in the Furniture sector”. It is an award of international importance created by Le Fonti, recognized as one of the highest honors destined for those who have been able to bring significant innovations in the field of leadership and innovation.


Divisione Hospitality

LISAR creates “LISAR Hospitality” division to better manage and reserve the right care and attention to all projects in the sector.



LISAR Group expands with a new branche in Dubai.


46 years of activity

LISAR turns 45; almost half-century of experience and dedication made the development of the company possible, and today we are one of the leading companies in the interior contract sector. Our unique value is the quality and attention we pay to every single detail.

Interior design

Lisar s.p.a.

LISAR, in addition to its Italian headquarters in Carbonate, is an ambassador of made in Italy all over the world with two branches

  1. LISAR USA Corp. in New York is the reference point for the Americas in the management of processes and services requested by customers.
  2. LISAR MENA Region is the local contact for the Middle East region

Since 2010 Mast Elements has also been part of the LISAR Group, firstly as a carbon fiber furniture collection which later became one of the first companies in the world to produce carbon fiber furniture entirely made in Italy.

"Ours is a real manufacturing business, while many of our competitors only sell products. What differentiates us from others in the industry and makes us appreciate is the availability of our own carpentry and painting department, as well as a workshop that works with glass and metal. All this offers Lisar an extra opportunity to create customized projects developed both by the clients' architects and by those who are part of the company staff. (...) "

Antonio Fabris


carpentry and painting

Our experience in woodworking has reached the highest levels of quality, thanks to 4 decades of passion and attention to detail and ancient craft techniques. Over the years, we have also introduced a department dedicated to the painting of materials in our carpentry.

machine-shop department

Having an entire department dedicated to metalworking gives us the concrete possibility of creating a real tailor-made product, without any limits to the creativity of the architects we collaborate with.

carbon fiber

In 2010 in LISAR we introduced a new production plant for the processing of carbon fiber, an innovative material with enormous potential for the world of design. In this department we produce furnishings and special carbon fiber crafts, in addition to the Mast Elements design collection.

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