The home of your dreams


Aesthetics and functionality, craftsmanship and durability: some of the most important characteristics of a luxury residential environment that guides LISAR during the creation of the perfect home, entirely personalized and made to measure according to the tastes of its owner.

Custom-made design


The uniqueness of these projects has allowed us to develop innovative and sophisticated solutions down to the smallest detail, to refine our ability to grasp the customer’s wishes and to already have a vision of the final project after an initial analysis phase.

In fact, every customer’s request is studied down to the smallest detail in each project, often carried out in synergy with renowned Italian and international designers and architecture firms, such as Dimore Studio, m2atelier and David Chipperfield.

Our strength, and what distinguishes us in the market, is the possibility of not putting any kind of limits on the creativity of the designers we collaborate with; we have the ability to carry out almost all processes internally, in our production plants – carpentry, mechanical workshop and painting and upholstery department.

This allows our professionals to create bespoke design objects, to verify the correct execution of the work, the progress of the project and to devote full attention to details, and this is what makes the final result truly unique and of quality.

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