Quality of the


Over four decades of experience and continuous investments in advanced technologies for production plants make LISAR a reliable interior contractor, able to manage the entire project both in conception and on site, with all the services that this process provides.

“The “LISAR Method " guarantees quality in the management of all phases of the project.”

Thanks to our team of professionals, we have the availability to support the customer in all project phases

the stages

  1. Identifying demand
  2. Defining the project
  3. Preliminary proposal and planning of works
  4. Analysis of costs and quotes
  5. Final design
  6. Preparing the working drawings, bills of quantities and construction specifications
  7. Acquiring the materials and implementing the project
  8. Assembling and integrating with standard elements
  9. Checking and testing every element
  10. Calculating risks and attaining CE certifications
  11. Delivering and installing
  12. Providing post-sales training and support


  • Feasibility study, with accurate evaluation of the budget for the entire project
  • Detailed offer for every stage of the project
  • Surveys using 3D laser-scanning technology
  • Preparation of the technical drawing for every product item
  • In-house production of all items
  • FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) contract
  • Regular feedback to monitor every phase of production
  • End-to-end project management
  • Construction site management
  • Deliveries on the basis of the timescales and deadlines agreed with the client
  • Assembly and fitting carried out by our specialist personnel
  • Post-delivery support and warranty

• Technical analysis • Research into materials and samples • Preliminary quote • Survey at the construction site with technical support on the systems and services • Definitive quote

Manufacturing and Installation

• Complete manufacturing with all types of material • Production monitoring • Management of warehouse stock • Installation of the solution

Post-installation services

• Warranty with the interventions targeted • Issuing of instructions for the maintenance and cleaning of the interiors. • Issuing of small accessories for spare parts/re-touching. • Issuing of a list of retailers from which to purchase lamps, locks and other small parts available on the market.

Additional services

• System engineering • 3D laser-scanning surveys • Manufacture of prototypes • Layout of products • Store windows‚ displays • Manuals

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